Friday, April 10, 2009

New Style Wristlet

As you can see I have a new style I have made... what do you think?
The top one is the prototype so it is just some fabric I had that does not mean anything to me... turns out it matches a tote bag I made last year. They are now a matching set.
The bottom wristlet is all mine, I made it from purple velveteen, and black leather. I took it to Vegas where it served me well. Im keeping this one.
I Have some nice fabrics to choose from, so this weekend I'll probably make a few of this style and see how they fair.
I also have another beaded nuno style wristlet I need to finish. I beaded it in the mornings while in Vegas... yes I took my crafting with me. I just can't stop :)
It is beautiful, it is reminiscent of blue sodalite... Pictures coming soon.