Friday, September 18, 2009

The Mania Continues.

Here is the photos of my latest and greatest!
Who could resist this adorable blue apron... hopefully not many because it is for sale :)
I don't know if I'm putting it on etsy or just waiting for the Los Gatos boutique. I'll probably wait.. I will decide by the weekend.

Below is the heavy utility Apron #3 this one is recycled jeans embellished with leather, lace, and linen/silk fabric samples.
I learned a new skill with my apron making. I learned to make my own bias tape! What a boon, now I will never be stuck with icky color match ups you get with ready to use commercial binding.
So this means the binding on this apron is made from a shimmery linen/silk blend.
The belt tie is not quite done. I think I'll put a bow in front or at least a knot, I think it adds something that is missing right now.
If you have any suggestions or comments about anything let me know! Or even any good ideas you think I would be able to incorporate... just leave me a note.
Ta Ta for now,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Apron Crazy

I am apron crazy right now, I just finished two new ones. One is sweet Cherry's with red, white and blue plaid as well as an adorable ruffle. The other is a utility apron for heavy work like painting upholstery, gardening. It is made of old denim, leather, old lace, some silk samples my cousin gave me.. (Thank you!) and could not be anymore cute.

Unfortunately I have no camera batteries so no pictures.

We are also so close to haveing a down payment for a house... YES!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A gift for a friend.

I recently visited my dear friend and while I was there we visited a fabulous quilt shop. In this den of beautiful fabric Amanda found a cute panel of fabric with a vintage style apron printed on it. The pattern was called Antique Treasure Patt# 9861 for those of you who want to try to find it.

Anyhow I decided to make it reversible and I recycled my old skirt for the printed details on the neck and the pockets. I also used a bit of the lace I have been hoarding.

The pocket details.

I really like it, I think I might be giving these out for Christmas.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quilting, Cleaning, Canning and Exploring.. Labor Day Weekend in a Nutshell.

Three days off, whew I was a busy woman!

My mother recently showed off some of her amazing quilts she has been working on and it kindled a spark of creativity in me. ( A new spark... anyone who knows me I have no lack of creative inspiration )

Here is the center of my future quilt, my plan is that it will fade to maroons on the top and greens on the bottom. I was thinking of appliqueing a flower motif in the center, but am still undecided.

Here are my color selections, pretty safe spectrum to work from .

It is Harvest time here in the Central Valley... never ending harvest it feels like. So I canned and cooked up a feast this weekend. Strung my chili peppers up and hung them to dry, planted much of the fall garden. I also discovered I have a nasty cutworm infestation . I'll have to go get something to stop the little critters.

After a very busy Saturday we were up at the crack of dawn for a fabulous breakfast made by Steve. We were served California style Eggs Benedict, with avocado, fresh tomato and bacon. It was sooo delicious! We were off to the city of San Fransisco by 8:00 am, where we explored and shopped the Haight Ashbury area. Lexi hit many a thrift store and scored a sweet striped shirt and a couple of pins for her backpack. Steve found a patch for his backpack that says " FUCK WAR" . I agree ... F it.

Lex making out with a resident of the Haight district.

We met up with our cousins and explored the very beautiful and very humid Conservatory of Flowers. This purple one was called a bat flower... very exotic.

Hey look we found the offices of one of our favorite websites... cool Eh?

Monday we just cleaned up our very cluttered garage and used Craigslist to get rid of all the useful stuff we no longer need.
Peace my friends....