Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good Morning,
I have finished my Shepherdess fiber painting. I loved making it. My picture was inspired by a photo of a Baluch herder child. You can see the original image in the above photos. The Baluch nomads have been herders for centuries, because of my love of wool I thought this image was very fitting to be made with wools. This fiber painting is made solely from loose wool fibers and silk fibers. I needle felt them onto a felt base which was wet felted. If you are new to the world of felt please google Needle felt or wet felt. It is one of the most pleasurable art mediums I have ever worked with. I am now in search of the next picture that will inspire creativity in me.

In the meantime I'm working on cars this week. That's my hand taking a bolt out from the tracks of a seat :)

I do upholstery for my living. So although it seems like I'm always home having a good time, I am always home.. just working my bootie off in the garage.

On another note, despite it being January and frosty every night, the days have been incredibly warm. My garden was singing out to me. So I weeded, and worked on the rows. The radishes, carrots and onions are quite happy. I wish I had planted more winter veggies last fall. If I had the fore site to do so I could be growing Kale, cabbage and other greens.
Oh well , there is always next year.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rainy and Slow at Denio's Farmers Market

Chilly and rainy out today. We managed to drag ourselves down to our favorite farmers market to get our weekly produce. I felt a little bad for the vendors the place was dead, usually it is extremely packed.

I also was able to get three ounces of Lavender for a few bucks. Now my wool will smell good and be moth free for a while.

We saw some strange veggies there today, I'll have to look up some recipes to see how to use it...
Spiny Chayote.
Deal of the day was 5 yellow bell peppers for $1. I'm going to roast and peel them, then marinate with herbs and oil for sandwiches. Yum!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday the rain is gently falling.

I thought I was going to be working in the garden this weekend, but with the rain comes the mud... I'll stay inside.

I had a bust week at work, and it has spilled over into my weekend. I have one more car seat to repair and return then I can do my own thing.

This week I'm working on a Baluch nomad child she is cradling a baby goat, although my goat is more like a lamb. It has been a very pleasing and relaxing project. I started poking last night at 5 pm and at 10:30 when my husband went off to bed I realized I had been at it for 5 and half hours without a break. It did help to pass time listening to my husband and daughter singing and playing music for the songs they are recording.
I have decided to use as many different fiber types as I can in this one. So far I've used Corridale, Alpaca, Lincoln Locks and silk. This picture is just a teaser... She is a WIP and I feel there is many more hours till I am satisfied with the final picture.