Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday the rain is gently falling.

I thought I was going to be working in the garden this weekend, but with the rain comes the mud... I'll stay inside.

I had a bust week at work, and it has spilled over into my weekend. I have one more car seat to repair and return then I can do my own thing.

This week I'm working on a Baluch nomad child she is cradling a baby goat, although my goat is more like a lamb. It has been a very pleasing and relaxing project. I started poking last night at 5 pm and at 10:30 when my husband went off to bed I realized I had been at it for 5 and half hours without a break. It did help to pass time listening to my husband and daughter singing and playing music for the songs they are recording.
I have decided to use as many different fiber types as I can in this one. So far I've used Corridale, Alpaca, Lincoln Locks and silk. This picture is just a teaser... She is a WIP and I feel there is many more hours till I am satisfied with the final picture.


  1. This looks like another beautiful project. Glad you joined the blogging world and thanks for the comment on my blog!

  2. I am joining the blog world, but I may not keep up with it... The internet world sucks my time up like a vampire.