Sunday, January 19, 2014

Little Fox is finished.

Here is the finished little guy, cute if I do say so.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Woodland Fox

Good morning, today I get to indulge my whimsical side and make a little softie. I have a birthday party to go to for a two year old, and I figured what two year old doesn't need some soft cute animal to love. 

I usually always just make up my own pattern, but Pinterest again has influenced me. I saw an adorable fox and the pattern was available for a very reasonable price, proceeds go to help Japan. Easy to decide what to do. The pattern is the woodland fox pattern by Gingermelon on Etsy. She has a bunch of adorable patterns and even more exacting for me she also sells merino wool felt sheets. Once you use real wool felt you just can't go back to the craft acrylic kind. 

I'm using my iPad to post this, and I can not figure out how to imbed a link to this adorable shop, so I'm just posting a screenshot. 

Well I'm going to finish this cute little fox and enjoy the morning. I will post a finished picture when I'm done. 

Happy crafting friends. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cabins and Swallows

A peek at a quit I am working on. 
Sort of log cabin, modern fences and appliqu├ęd swallows. I'm in the phase of deciding how to embellish my birds. Lots of half formed ideas are floating around in my mind. 

Update on the last post I wrote 2 years ago.

I wanted to show you what became of the quilt I was working on two years ago.

I was very inspired by the colors, the graphics and Alfonse Mucha. I had lots of feedback about adding the swath of color and bubbles.. My mom was not for it. But in my mind it was exactly what I wanted to do. So I cut the center right out of my quilt and inserted color, lots of bright color.

I broke my camera somewhere along the way, so this is a overly bright photo, but you get the idea.

Here is detail of my quilting.

I entered into the 2012 Pacific International Quilt Show, New California Quilters and got it in! That was so cool and such an honor. Better yet, I went to the show and was blown away and completely inspired by what people are capable of. I felt my quilt was made by a novice and it was like a personal challenge for me to try to do better.


Hello Again Friends. It has been almost two years to the day since I last posted, lots has happened in my life. Needless to say details are not important, what is important is that everything is right agian and my muse has returned! She returned about mid summer and I have been busy trying to balance my new life with my artistic endeavors.

I miss my Blog, I have lots of fun project to show, I hope you can find lots of inspiration here for your muse.

These are few of the things I have made in the last few months. Soon I will post new photos of projects in the works.