Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Home Purchase back to square 2


We got a loan all lined up YEAH!!! Previously you may know we found what seemed to be a pretty nice house, with a pool. It lacked a decent yard for my future garden but I was going to deal with that. I had a number of ideas. Anyhow we should have been closing in about 2 weeks... After they moved out we went back to see our new dream house OMG. We sent in the inspector and appraiser. HOLY S***T these people were horrible, they either lived like scoundrels or just destroyed as they left.

There was putrid standing water under the house that smelled like death. When you turned on the kitchen sink a meat like substance, looked kind of like fake crab meat came up in the shower stall in the bathroom. Not just a little either.. a 1/2 gallon at least. The vents from the furnace and water heater were broken off at the top so carbon monoxide just spewed... this is only the tippy top of problems. there were many many other repairs. To top it off the house was filthy and disgusting the cherry on top was a bookcase with books they left behind covered in puke. Grossssss. Anyhow I'd rather rent forever than buy a money pit like this.

So we have a loan and we are searching for another house. Wish us luck.
To tame the wild feeling I have been getting from this house buying I started my newest felted painting. It is only just started, but it is really turning out well.