Saturday, January 7, 2012

A look at what is on the cutting table.


This design has been popping up in my head all through the holidays. I’m still in the planning stages. The smaller sets of squares are sewn but not attached. I have many many more to cut and make. I still need to make 16 more large square sections before this would be large enough for a bed. I had not thought to use batiks for the background, I was planning to use solid colors as I usually do, but the teal called to me. I love it.

In person it is luxurious with metallic flashes , glitter of gold, shimmer of silver velvet. Thank you Gustav Klimt for your amazing art… without it I don’t know that this WIP would be coming into being.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A rich and Jeweled quilt is being planned.

I have had precious little time to sit and submerge myself into online surfing for inspirations. The holidays just passed, I felt like I was a Christmas elf making gifts and treats. Amid all the raucous there was no time to write any blogs or update Facebook. Heck this year I did not even mail Christmas cards. How taboo, that is not like me heck last year I made each one. But know this family and friends I love you all. You know how life gets… Busy, busy busy.

Now that it’s over and I have healed from ringing in the new year, I am back to my eclectic ponderings. Steve bought by a fabulous book about the art of Gustav Klimt and it is so wonderful. The colors and gilt. I love it. I am planning my next quilt based on Klimt.

IMAG0545 IMAG0546IMAG0547

I was pushed in this direction when I ran across Wendy Ryan Folk Art Blog, in her painting I saw soft silver velvet, shimmering gold and flat black.


I have been gathering fabrics, I have the perfect silver rayon velvet, it is a blouse from the GAP … goodbye blouse.

This evening I  been painting fabrics to achieve the metallic tones like I envision in my piece. I have found some gorgeous teal, green and blue green batiks to become the background.

Last night I went to Sew night up at Sew Katie Jean and after I gossiped and chatted with everyone I knew I did a bit of sketching, trying to flesh out ideas. I also found out I was the winner of the shops stocking challenge!!! For a prize I got $50 to spend, which I promptly did.  I won’t go into details but that fabric is for another awesome quilt AFTER I finish this one.


If only I had good lighting, these fabrics shimmer with life in person.

I’m off to create, peace be with you.