Friday, January 6, 2012

A rich and Jeweled quilt is being planned.

I have had precious little time to sit and submerge myself into online surfing for inspirations. The holidays just passed, I felt like I was a Christmas elf making gifts and treats. Amid all the raucous there was no time to write any blogs or update Facebook. Heck this year I did not even mail Christmas cards. How taboo, that is not like me heck last year I made each one. But know this family and friends I love you all. You know how life gets… Busy, busy busy.

Now that it’s over and I have healed from ringing in the new year, I am back to my eclectic ponderings. Steve bought by a fabulous book about the art of Gustav Klimt and it is so wonderful. The colors and gilt. I love it. I am planning my next quilt based on Klimt.

IMAG0545 IMAG0546IMAG0547

I was pushed in this direction when I ran across Wendy Ryan Folk Art Blog, in her painting I saw soft silver velvet, shimmering gold and flat black.


I have been gathering fabrics, I have the perfect silver rayon velvet, it is a blouse from the GAP … goodbye blouse.

This evening I  been painting fabrics to achieve the metallic tones like I envision in my piece. I have found some gorgeous teal, green and blue green batiks to become the background.

Last night I went to Sew night up at Sew Katie Jean and after I gossiped and chatted with everyone I knew I did a bit of sketching, trying to flesh out ideas. I also found out I was the winner of the shops stocking challenge!!! For a prize I got $50 to spend, which I promptly did.  I won’t go into details but that fabric is for another awesome quilt AFTER I finish this one.


If only I had good lighting, these fabrics shimmer with life in person.

I’m off to create, peace be with you.


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