Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April!

It has been a month since I last posted a word here. We are still in the PROCESS of buying a house. We should close around the 19Th of April. I'm not going to hold me breath, so far we have been packed since January ( the last deal fell through), I feel lost without my stuff.

I have been looking around Flickr at my contacts art and creations, inspiration is all around me. I've half a mind to unpack my stash just for some creative relief. I did try to locate a paintbrush for an hour the other day... I ended up huffing and puffing about how chaotic moving is and how much this sucks... but never found the paint brush.

I'm dying to garden, anyone who knows me knows I love dirt and all it has to offer. I've cleaned up the garden here, I will sorely miss it. As of today I have two pea patches, some lettuce and Swiss chard left here oh yes and a couple of potatoes are volunteering. I hope the new tenant likes to garden. The weather has been so pleasant, like it is begging for me to come out and plant early spring things. Alas, I cannot, I must wait for the new garden at my new home. Steve, my husband, is going to build me at least 3 big raised beds. He promises it will be one of our first projects to get done. Hallelujah !!!

One thing fun about moving is I feel like my next craft room will be much more organized in the beginning at least. My daughter and I have been separating the supplies as they are unearthed from wherever they had been stashed, I have a lot of supplies, that is what it boils down to.

I do have to admit I have bought more fabric in spite of the fact I am not going to be able to use it for a few more weeks... I could not help it. Whats worse, the shop I got this wonderful fabric from is closing and I feel the need to go get even more! Do I need to rationalize out loud why I need more? Probably not, but... Its on sale, its yummy and pretty , I'll make something fabulous and probably sell it... I need it. Thats right I need fabric :)

What I really need is to move so I stop feeling lost and chaotic.

Till next time,

Craft on.