Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday was for Sausage making

Steve and I were very very productive today. I finally got the sausage stuffer attachment for my beloved Kitchen Aid, so today was sausage making day.

We ground meat, chopped onion, pounded spices, mixed and stuffed until we had 46 sausage links. Then we packaged and froze the bulk then had a few for our supper. Damn they were good. I think the thing I may actually love the most is I know exactly what is in my links and there is not a snout, an ass, an ear or any strange preservatives. Only good old fashioned meat from the parts of the beast I do like to eat.

We made four different kinds of sausage links today, the first was Pork Italian sausage, then Pork Sage breakfast sausage. Next came my favorite, the Chicken Apple and Chipotle links and finally the Chicken, Basil, Feta and Sun Dried Tomato.

This was our first ever attempt at sausage making, and it was awesome. they links are really good, and will only get better as we tweak our recipes.

For dinner we roasted a few with red peppers, potatoe, onion and mushroom.... yum.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

So what to Sew ...

I've been working on these wonky squares, I LOVE them, they don't conform to rules and I don't need instructions to create them. They are not perfect each is unique and not one of them is truly an actual square.

As you can see from the photo with the cats, I had sewn together my first 5 squares thinking I would make a patchwork quilt or throw with only squares. After I pondered and thought a bit about what I was making, I decided I like each square separate and not crowded by its neighbor.

So the new plan is more like the second picture, I will place them randomly throughout on a solid background. This will be a twin quilt for our music/office/guest room. Anyone what to bet me how long it will take to complete?

With that in mind, here is another new project... yes I have like 5 projects going at one time.
This one is really inspiring to me. Although I wonder, if even though I painted a sketch and laid out fabric samples can others see the vision I see and can they see the alluring beauty of it?

I intend this to be an art quilt to just hang on the wall. It will be about 36"x36" I think. So far it is nothing more than an idea.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

So I had previously mentioned the Sketchbook Challenge.... This is pretty much what I have done so far this month. I looked at other peoples books and I am amazed how much art they can cram in a page. I'm not generally into drawing I sometimes sketch a quick idea out then translate that into whatever medium I am working with... So this challenge is fun and a great exercise for my creative self.
You will see in a future post that I did indeed make a bunch of wonky squares for a future quilt in colors very similar to those in my drawing.. My cat Fred was most defiantly was curled in a ball while I sewed and sketched. Why, just today I worked in my garden and planted some veggies like lettuce and peas.
Below is another page expressing some ideas and thoughts I had after visiting the San Jose Quilt and Textile Museum.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Congrats to my most talented daughter..

Alexis was chosen to be one of the two artists who's music will be played on GRAMMY Career day 2011 in San Francisco. A panel will introduce her and then play her music to the 700 attendees . After that the panel of music industry professionals will offer feedback and to her.

Thank you powers that be ( Chris, Pat both of you ) this is such a neat opportunity. I am just so excited for her, and I hope that somehow, someway she will be able to incorporate music into her career someday. No matter what I have always been the lucky one to be able to hear her singing day after day these last 13 years... she started singing at about 3 years old... Love this child.

Check her out on Reverb Nation

Seed is one of her original songs, we had and unfortunate incident a while back in which our terabyte hard drive was dropped and broken... gone is all of our music and photos, so now she will have to re-record a lot of music that was lost to this disaster. Oh, well such is life. So for now the public ( you) only get to hear these older covers and the couple originals recorded and uploaded before the disaster. In the meantime please listen and enjoy a new young musician.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

The New Year began with a somber tone, our family lost someone very, very dear to us... it was a tragedy that defies logic and I will miss Jerry very much. I hope the next year will bring as much joy as this one brought pain.

To calm my frenzied mind I resorted to what I always resort to when I need distraction... my crafting. It is a way to escape, much like putting together a 1000 piece puzzle ( we did a few of those too) or reading your way through 800 pages in a day or two ( did that as well).

Since mushrooms seem to be sprouting everywhere in this torrential rain that in moving through, I figured I'd sprout a few right in my kitchen. So to hopefully satisfy a request I recieved via Etsy I made a few without the wooden bases.

I am in a fungus mood... so you will definitely be seeing more in the near future.