Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday was for Sausage making

Steve and I were very very productive today. I finally got the sausage stuffer attachment for my beloved Kitchen Aid, so today was sausage making day.

We ground meat, chopped onion, pounded spices, mixed and stuffed until we had 46 sausage links. Then we packaged and froze the bulk then had a few for our supper. Damn they were good. I think the thing I may actually love the most is I know exactly what is in my links and there is not a snout, an ass, an ear or any strange preservatives. Only good old fashioned meat from the parts of the beast I do like to eat.

We made four different kinds of sausage links today, the first was Pork Italian sausage, then Pork Sage breakfast sausage. Next came my favorite, the Chicken Apple and Chipotle links and finally the Chicken, Basil, Feta and Sun Dried Tomato.

This was our first ever attempt at sausage making, and it was awesome. they links are really good, and will only get better as we tweak our recipes.

For dinner we roasted a few with red peppers, potatoe, onion and mushroom.... yum.

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