Thursday, January 27, 2011

So what to Sew ...

I've been working on these wonky squares, I LOVE them, they don't conform to rules and I don't need instructions to create them. They are not perfect each is unique and not one of them is truly an actual square.

As you can see from the photo with the cats, I had sewn together my first 5 squares thinking I would make a patchwork quilt or throw with only squares. After I pondered and thought a bit about what I was making, I decided I like each square separate and not crowded by its neighbor.

So the new plan is more like the second picture, I will place them randomly throughout on a solid background. This will be a twin quilt for our music/office/guest room. Anyone what to bet me how long it will take to complete?

With that in mind, here is another new project... yes I have like 5 projects going at one time.
This one is really inspiring to me. Although I wonder, if even though I painted a sketch and laid out fabric samples can others see the vision I see and can they see the alluring beauty of it?

I intend this to be an art quilt to just hang on the wall. It will be about 36"x36" I think. So far it is nothing more than an idea.

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