Thursday, January 6, 2011

Congrats to my most talented daughter..

Alexis was chosen to be one of the two artists who's music will be played on GRAMMY Career day 2011 in San Francisco. A panel will introduce her and then play her music to the 700 attendees . After that the panel of music industry professionals will offer feedback and to her.

Thank you powers that be ( Chris, Pat both of you ) this is such a neat opportunity. I am just so excited for her, and I hope that somehow, someway she will be able to incorporate music into her career someday. No matter what I have always been the lucky one to be able to hear her singing day after day these last 13 years... she started singing at about 3 years old... Love this child.

Check her out on Reverb Nation

Seed is one of her original songs, we had and unfortunate incident a while back in which our terabyte hard drive was dropped and broken... gone is all of our music and photos, so now she will have to re-record a lot of music that was lost to this disaster. Oh, well such is life. So for now the public ( you) only get to hear these older covers and the couple originals recorded and uploaded before the disaster. In the meantime please listen and enjoy a new young musician.

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