Friday, September 18, 2009

The Mania Continues.

Here is the photos of my latest and greatest!
Who could resist this adorable blue apron... hopefully not many because it is for sale :)
I don't know if I'm putting it on etsy or just waiting for the Los Gatos boutique. I'll probably wait.. I will decide by the weekend.

Below is the heavy utility Apron #3 this one is recycled jeans embellished with leather, lace, and linen/silk fabric samples.
I learned a new skill with my apron making. I learned to make my own bias tape! What a boon, now I will never be stuck with icky color match ups you get with ready to use commercial binding.
So this means the binding on this apron is made from a shimmery linen/silk blend.
The belt tie is not quite done. I think I'll put a bow in front or at least a knot, I think it adds something that is missing right now.
If you have any suggestions or comments about anything let me know! Or even any good ideas you think I would be able to incorporate... just leave me a note.
Ta Ta for now,

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  1. I love them both, but the denim one looks super sturdy. I am hard on clothes, especially when I am working. Great job!