Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, today is my 16Th anniversary... its been a crazy, sometimes rocky often smooth ride. Somehow we have managed to raise a really sweet and wonderful daughter. We found a way to work together at the same business for 13.5 years. There were times when it was difficult but I love him and he loves me and we have found a path that works for the both of us. A toast to another 16 years...
On to my garden news.
The weather here is slowly changing from the hellish hot summer to a wonderful crisp autumn, but the nights are dipping to near freezing temps and I still want to grow a garden. Being blessed to live in California our temps are very mild in comparison to, say, my families place in Montana.
I found a great idea in Mother Earth News on these row hoops. I now have a mini greenhouse at a fraction of the cost. When it is summer I can remove the plastic and put a shade fabric over instead. Basically it is just a 10' PVC pipe stuck on a piece of re-bar in the ground and then covered in heavy plastic sheeting.
So I made one yesterday, about 8' long, it was very easy and cost me $20. Better yet I have 2/3 of the roll of plastic left and for $14 more I will have another one of these at least 2 times as long.
We are going to try to eek a few more peppers off the pablano plant, you can see them in there still blooming and setting fruit. That bed is also full of carrots, radishes and a mixture of either broccoli, cauliflowers or cabbage.. I am uncertain. The cat dug up all my starts a while back and mixed them all up. I just did my best to save the little shoots and now it will be a surprise to see what I saved. Nice kitty.
I plan to plant lettuce in there or in another one as well as bok choy. I think my winter garden is going to do well. Right now I have a ton of kale and swiss chard but they are infested with aphids and although I try I am having a hell of a time getting rid of them. I hope the cool weather means they will go away soon.
I wanted to show this mini hooped greenhouse set up to all my gardening friends, maybe you can get a head start next spring by erecting one of these.
Last but not least we got a new cat recently.. his name is Gus, he is a sweet and loving cat that actually likes to snuggle and be pet, unlike Ms Kitty and Jude. Jude actually howls and growls at you when you pet him... kinda scary.
Here you can see Jude and Gus playing through the bathroom door. They spend hours laying there attacking each others toes. Gus is the grey one.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Old Tee Shirts Recycled into a Rag Rug.

Don't throw away your old ratty tees, cut them into inch wide strips and crochet a rag rug. Shabby, chic, and a great way to recycle what could just be thrown out. Our great grandmothers would be proud of our thrift, there was a time when people used everything until you just could not eek another moment of life from it.
So here is my salute to the old ways. A brand new rug to stand on after a shower. Whenever I look down on it I will see old shirts that we wore while making our life memories.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall has arrived and I'm feeling creative.

Why is it I need rain and dreary skies to get me in my crafty state of mind. It would not be so bad if I did not live in a place that is warm and sunny all but 3 months a year. Okay so maybe its not warm , but the sun always shines in California. October is kind to my creative self, the weather is cooling off and it even has rained!

Sneak preview of Lexi's Alice in Wonderland dress, It is made from sheer blue fabric with a good drape. It hangs and spins beautifully. I cut the apron from a play dress we have had around here since she was just a little girl. I just need to finish the neck and the apron and this costume is ready!

She found some darling black shoes to go with this. Wait till you see it on her.

We went to San Fransisco again this weekend. I love it there. I bought a couple of new Cd's, the soundtrack from Whip It and Pink Martini's Sympathique.
Now I have music to keep me company while I decide just how I will use all the fabric I got at a fabulous little store in the Sunset district called Peapod Fabric.
The store is tiny but the space is used so well. Every fabric in this place was one I loved and felt I needed. Well when I win a lottery or just come into lots of cash I'll buy it all!

Here is most of what I bought, aren't the owls cute? I also found cotton rickrack that is in good natural colors not the horrid primary colors you find at Jo-Ann's. I wish you could really see the patterns on these. I need a new camera, mine has had a little humidity damage and every picture is poopy and I cannot focus up close. What a drag.
What will I do with all that fabric you ask? Well, I plan to make aprons, I've been on a little apron kick and I have a place to try to sell them in November. If they don't sell then they will go on Etsy and go out as gifts for Christmas.
In keeping with my self sustaining lifestyle, I started packaging all the seeds I harvest and save every year. I have a long way to go with this project... there is still 3 or more kinds of lettuce seeds I saved as well as flower seeds and pepper seeds. Somehow I also need to save seeds from this one tomato that volunteered from last year. It is so yummy and such a fast grower I feel I should try to capture it.