Friday, February 6, 2009

Rainy day

Yeah, as much as I can't stand the rain we really need it. I think we might go on water rationing this summer if the lake level does not get back up to normal ranges.

Yesterday on one of the members came up with a fun and unique challenge. We get 4 random words and we must felt something using all four words in one piece.

My words:

Raccoon, book, intimidate ( or intimidation) , Navy blue

Ohh fun and interesting. I have got 3 of the four words forming a picture in my head.. but I am intimidated by one and don't quite know what or how I will incorperate it in.


  1. What a fun challenge. I should go check it out. I love the rain it always leaves me feeling renewed.

  2. I see you joined the forum.. welcome agian!.

    Are you going to try out this challenge? It will be interesting and fun im certian.

  3. Oops that was me, I did not know my husband was logged in. lol

  4. Hey Cytel, looks like you're well on your way with the challenge! I have raccoon, feet, cartoony and 4 colors of my choice. I never thought about the fact that more than one might get the same word. This is really going to be very interesting. Good wishes to you but of course I have no dought yours will be awesome.