Monday, February 23, 2009

Winter Fun when the Rain Comes Calling

I've been pretty busy the last couple weeks, no time to blog on and on about it I guess. I took my wonderful daughter skiing, the snow was very new and very deep. I had a number of falls and wow was I sore.

It was tons of fun and I hope we can go back soon. My husband does not ski but he does like snow, he has some crazy notion we ought to go snow camping next weekend... omg I think I'll freeze to death...

As of my last post I was making mushrooms and fairies.. they are getting much more elaborate now.

Here is a teaser of what I am now felting up. What you can see here is my second Faerie she is holding a life sized strawberry. She is made with merino, silks, wire, and her beautiful hair is some wonderful handmade yarn from Feline Fibers in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. She is sitting on an oak log, with an acorn cap bowl at her feet. I am working on the mushroom house, I think it might be for a mouse... or maybe a pixie. I know this is not the faerie's home, it is much to small.

This mushroom house is so fun, I have always loved miniatures and this suits my personality so well. I am working on a rock fireplace with a burning log, complete with lighting effects. This is all wool except the inner workings which are secret :)

My next plan is to make a small nest bed with a little quilt, the occupent of this little house and who knows what else.

Im also cooking some yummy potato sausage and kale soup to warm my soul on this rainy and cold night.

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