Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May Showers and the Sunshine

The rain was fast and furious this weekend, yet it is warm out. We are having a few sunny hours right now, and it is so lush and freshly wet that I had to go snap a few photos of my garden.

I let the onions go to seed last year, therefore there are lots of "volunteers" growing all over. Right now I have planted Pablano peppers, red bell peppers, 5 early girl tomato's, potato
lettuce, peas, carrots, spinach, sugar snap and regular peas, garlic, strawberries, artichoke, patty pan, summer squash, cantaloupe and a
 cucumber.  I'm not done yet. This weekend is Mothers Day and I'm going to put my family to
 work. I want a new raised bed built and planted by Sunday. I hope they are excited about it as I am. 

Here is my Herb trough
 there is sage, marjoram
 chives and the basil is just pushing up through the dirt.

My loyal assistant.. Jude.
He is being peaceful, usually he is like a bad puppy, attacking your feet and biting. He is one interesting cat.. he fetches and retrieves like a puppy. I think living with Titan has made this cat think he is a dog.

Check out these Calendula plants, they bloomed last week,
 now a new bloom is growing up in the center of the dead flower. I never knew they did that, learned something new today :) 

Last but not least, the cute little garden gate I made from scrap and branches. Not only is it a pleasure to look at it keeps Titan from my garden.


  1. Oh, I just love your garden Cytel. I have always preferred the raised rather than flat beds. And your gate! Love, love homemade gates. All this reminds me back when I decided to raise some pheasants and ended up building a nice chicken coop and enclosure big enough that I eventually had two goats. But now, all my critters are gone (not dead) but have new homes. It was a thirty something phase for me (I've had too many phases in my life).
    Anyway, wish I could share in your fruits of labor, fresh veggies rock!
    ps I want your herb trough. You've given me hope at least, if I could just get a container now, (tapping finger on jaw with glazed eyes)
    Thanks for sharing! Tammy

  2. Thank you Tammy! I was recently telling my husband we need a bigger place so we could raise pheasants and birds lol.. and I'm in my thirties. Must be some phase I'm going through as well.

  3. Fun post. I need to garden more. I just planted tomatoes this year and I do compost too, but I like you idea of the metal cans.

    I also have a cog(cat/dog) who fetches and thinks he is a dog !