Friday, July 3, 2009

My how time flies in the warm summer months.

Hello to all my friends out there, I miss being able to sit down at my PC and peruse all the art and blogs as I did in the spring and winter months.

My job is booming, I bet I could just work 24/7 if I did not put my foot down.

My daughter is on the Gator's swim team, and doing well! We have a swim meet every weekend on Saturday. We have to be there ready to swim by 7AM... arggg I want to sleep in till at least 7am. Alas t'is not gunna happen :)

We bought ourselves a couple of Kayaks.. wowza they are SO much fun. So we have been carving out a few hours a day about 3 times a week to run down to Lake Natomas and kayak about.

Now you might be seeing why I have no time to dilly dally.. I'm a busy momma.

In June my husband and I went to the Dominican Republic for about a week. It was gorgeous and wonderful. Blue oceans, tropical breezes and thunderstorms. Banana flowers, parrots, white sand.... ahhh what a wonderful time we had.

Don't think my poor child was at home being watched over and wishing she were there.. She was on her 8Th grade trip to Washington DC. They literally toured all the sites non-stop for 6 days. She slept for 16 hours when she got home.

While I have not been doing much art, I have been gathering inspirations all over the world. I am particular to birds and have 3 in the works. I am excited to share them with you. Hopefully next week I will have time.
Also while in the DR I found they have a mineral found only there in a 1 km area, called Larimar. I bought a fair amount to make into some jewelry.. it is a very pretty stone. It is a very light turquoise, like the Caribbean ocean.
Also Happy July 4th!! We are off to the bay area, for parting with family, and blasting off fireworks! ( we are just watching someone else blast them off )

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  1. I have missed seeing you around on different posts. Sounds as if life is good! Take care!