Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Growing Agriculture In Your LIttle Space on Earth.

First off I"m not one to spout moral authority, but some things I am passionate about enough to tell the masses ( or the 12 people who might read my blog).

It is my factual opinion, ( George Carlin would have loved that) that everyone should attempt to grow some of what they eat. If every neighborhood was lined with nut trees, fruit trees, the knolls growing squash, nasturtiums, onions... so on and so on, Our communities would become closer. We would know our neighbors better, hunger could be eliminated or substantially reduced. After all a couple zucchini plants can supply a whole cul-de-sac at its peak.
By growing and sharing you become more harmonious, there is great satisfaction in looking around your garden and seeing strawberries that will be in your Margarita later, or tomato's and cucumbers for the salad you are going to have at dinner.

By growing and filling your space you will invite in wildlife, providing local birds with food from insects or seeds. Plants clean the air, they can be lovely to look at. Here where I live they help keep the yard cooler.

You do not need to be confined to a garden plot to grow food. Garden vegetable plants can be very lovely. An Artichoke has a wonderful silver foliage. They do best in mild temperatures but my brother's family grew them in Livingston Montana in one season, from seeds no less and had a decent crop. You can grow lettuce, in between violets, onions and nasturtiums. All of which are wonderful to look at as well as yummy to eat.

Another awesome thing about growing is you can just plant that gruesome sweet potato from the pantry when it begins to spout leaves... and 3 months later your crop will come in.
Another added benefit to growing and intermingling your plants is that in nature plants are intermingled. By mimicking natural planting, you will deter a horde of plant eating bugs, or plant disease. They may eat one or two here and there, but by not providing a whole crop in one place the bugs or disease will not spread to all the local plants.

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