Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wet felting a Bird with a Resist Part 2

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After your initial felting with the sander or by rubbing with bubble wrap. Pinch the fiber and pull up, if it is all sticking together and starting to felt you can remove the resist. If not rub and felt some more.
Remove your resist, I do it from the bottom of the belly, later I can use this opening to house the leg wires.
Pull the resist out of your bird. Now put your hand or fingers into the bird and work the belly and the back, the parts that were the edge of the resist.
Also poke your finger all the way to the beak and work that. I will also roll the beak like I am making a clay rope, this helps toughen it and makes it pointy.
Be certain to pull open the inside of your bird especially the head, so it does not felt flat. Check and recheck the head, it can really shrink up if your not careful. I tend to work the body more than the tail, the body needs to be stiffer. The tail looks nice when it is still a bit soft.
I roll the bird in my hands,to help the felting process. I do this for a few minuets, stopping to open it up, rubbing or rolling just parts I want to shrink such as the neck or beak. If the beak is to long or unshapely, just trim and roll in your palms to heal the cut.
Now it is time to go to the sink or water source. I alternate between hot and cold water roll and massage while removing the soap.
Open it up and pull it into it's 3-d shape, concentrate on the shaping. If something is to big use a washboard ( or something with ridges)to rub the spot. That will shrink it fast. After all the soap is removed and you have checked its form, Roll it in a dry towel and squeeze out the remaining water.
I then lay my felt in the sun to dry, or if it is winter I put it in the oven for a while. I do not have tons of patience when I'm crafting, I want to work until my project is done. Waiting for wool to dry is boring.
Here ends part 2.

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