Saturday, February 27, 2010

Painting with Wool Fibers

I've started another of my Indian portraits in my First Nations series.
I don't know how I stayed away from it so long. Needlefelting is so soothing and calming. Pulling bits of wool fiber, combing together colors until I find just the right tone. Stabbing it relentlessly until I finally have formed the picture I wished to portray. It is a forgiving and is easy to manipulate.
I am choosing to do this one in black and white.. perhaps a bit of sepia just here and there.... like how a photo will age and the edges turn brown as the years pass. Plus my wool is not strictly pure shades of black, grey and white.
If any of you Wallowians have wool from your flocks or even know of anyone who shears I can always use new kinds and colors from different breeds in my work. I work with all sorts of wool from goats, rabbits, sheep and fibers from nature like cotton, silk, soybean.
The house buying is going... the previous owners (slobs) have moved out and we are beginning inspections. So far it looks OK at best... it is completely filthy and smelly. Smashed in vents, a smashed in door, dart holes all over a wall, dog crap all over the concrete . They just did not clean up after themselves ever since we made an offer a month and a half ago, I don't understand people. Also just seeing how dirty they lived leaves me to wonder if they always lived like that ... did they take care of the house this poorly all along?
Happy felting

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