Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Im using up my fabric stash!

I have been looking at a growing pile of fabric scraps from all the upholstery jobs I do trying to decide just what am I going to do with all this. I have tons of fabric, nothing very large though... well this weekend I played around and finally came up with a nice pattern for 5"x7" wristlets. I love the pattern now that I have finally figured out how to make the zipper lay perfect, have it fully lined and just plain use up fabric that would have been trashed.
I cannot throw away any old dresses, and old clothes.... basically if the fabric that was used to make something was decent I will hoard it.. I may be mental. Yet then again, I cannot see throwing something with life and beauty away into some trash heap to rot until the end of time. So I'm cutting it all up to line or grace the little pouches.
They are great for holding your cell phone, cash and ID on a night out.
I'm going to Vegas this weekend... wonder which one I'll use?
I'm also making some super fabulous Wool Nuno felt with turquoise and blue silks. This will also be made into little wristlets.


  1. You and I are so much alike in many ways! I have four big storage boxes of deconstructed clothing waiting to be made into something else. (I told myself that I can't buy any new fabric until I use some of the recycled stuff.)

    Have fun in Vegas!

  2. Thanks!!! We are very much on the same wavelength.. I just told myself yesterday NO MORE Fabric until the stash goes down :)

    Then I had to talk myself out of going to the fabric store "just to look"


    I ended up playing with nuno techniques which will end up as wristlets.