Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wool painting complete

merino, corridale, wools
Needlefelt girls, wetfelted background

I just loved the image of these two girls, hair tousled by the gentle wind. I hope I captured them in a way that portrays love and contentment to you.
It took me a long time , but I think I'm finally done with this one.
I'm sitting here, looking out my window at a blue sky broken with clouds. I can not decide If I should just relax or try to accomplish something. I think I'll dig out all my half started art projects and attempt to finish something.
Then again, I could just start yet another one and see where it takes me.
Work is very busy, but I was able to score a ton of really nice leftover upholstery, the scrap is only about 14" wide but 20 feet long perhaps... what to do with it? I'm a pack-rat to the extreme. So me saving all this scrap drives my hubby bonkers. I cannot throw it away though.. it is beautiful, expensive, brand new and I am recycling it :) I'm greening the planet one scrap of fabric at a time!!


  1. Wonderful work, Cytel. Your wool paintings are so beautiful!

  2. Cytel it looks fantastic! You should be proud. :)