Saturday, March 14, 2009

Work, Work, Work, its all I've been doing.

I'm alive and doing well if anyone is interested :)

I've been so very busy with my upholstery I haven't had time for fun artistic creations.

Below are some seats that gave me a hell of a time the past week. They were ugly as sin when they arrived here. Someone ( my client) had tried to spray paint the fabric back to red, then changed their mind and decided to spray it black. Needless to say, shortcuts don't usually work.

I recovered them in a black vinyl and black velveteen automotive fabric. My biggest problem was I did not even think of the stretch of the original fabric when I chose the new fabric and I was sweating bullets trying to get the cover over the frame without ripping it open.

In the end they were beautiful and the client was so very happy. Yeah!!!

Now we are refreshing an entire restaurant, and I have about 60 booths and backs to do. The restaurant is not closing down to remodel so it all happens in the off hours. meaning night, morning and everything must be complete by the opening each day. Sigh... it can be stressful.

I am working on a beautiful felt picture, it is coming along wonderfully, hopefully I can do more with it this weekend.


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  1. You have such lovely skills! I can sew, but there is a whole engineering piece that goes with upholstery that is like magic to me. Well done! And hang in there!