Tuesday, March 3, 2009

WIP, the challenges of felting a face.

Good Morning,
I'm posting a work in progress today, to the left you will see the photo I am using as reference and below that you can see one of the girls faces. I am having a heck of a time capturing the facial expression. Of course my original photo does not help the situation, it is 1.5" x 2" or so.
On my piece the eyes are not right, maybe to much white.. or perhaps the features are spread
to far apart. The eyes look like they are glaring...
So this is what I'm struggling with at the moment. I'm no where near done. Today I'll hang my WIP in the garage while I do upholstery work, and hopefully I will see where the picture has gone wrong.
On the other hand, the other girl in this picture is wonderful, smiling and I am very happy with her.

Look flowers :) Spring is coming, the March rains are bringing up flowers all over. This is my favorite time of the year. The wet weather is not totally great, but the green grasses, the newly emerging leaves.. flowers and darting birds all make me very happy.
If anyone has suggestions to help me with my felting please let me know.. I appreciate any help I can get.


  1. She looks so pretty. I think you have done wonderful. If I was going to guess about the eyes I would say yours need more squint but I think your work is a great interpretation of the picture. You chose a beautiful picture to start with and I think you are doing it justice for sure.

  2. Thanks Laura, I agree more squint, also I am moving her ear. I had this on the wall of my shop all day so While I earned my living I could evaulate my art... It helped narrow down the problems.