Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We threw tradition into the wind and did not miss it at all.
We had a five course meal with plate service so most of our family was able to just sit, sip wine and chat. My husband and I designed the menu and all the recipes are our own. Our
daughter and our niece served the plates and pulled the plates. Just like a real restaurant. It was divine. All though we went to so much trouble we all were able to sit down at every course and enjoy it with the family.
Here is the menu:
Oyster Rockefeller
broiled oysters served with a creamy spinach sauce topped with hollandaise and smokey paprika
Harvest Salad
baby greens served with apples, pears, blue cheese, dried cranberries candied pecans and a pomegranate vinaigrette
Grilled Rack of Lamb
served medium rare with a Cabernet wild mushroom sauce, on a bed of horseradish mashed potatoes and honey glazed baby carrots
A Smoked and Grilled Duet
Smoked duck with cranberry mango chutney and a skewer of marinated beef tenderloin served on a bed of mashed sweet potato
Creme Brulee
with a chocolate wafer and fresh berries

I am certain almost everybody loved it. I know that as a hostess I was very happy with the results, it was just as I had planned. And there was a lot of planning.
Here is my daughter and Emily my niece looking very intent as they serve the lamb course.
If you are interested in recipes stay tuned... They will follow in future posts.

Our dog and Emily... Look how worn out he is after all the begging he had to do.

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