Monday, November 16, 2009

Velvet handmade felt and the food dyes.

Top of the morning to everyone who reads this little blog.
In my previous post you saw I was experimenting with kool-aid to dye stuff, well I moved quickly on to Wilton's cake icing dye. Success!
I browse the Internet regularly for inspiration generally I love texture, color, fiber, sewing, and vibrant items. I came across an English Artist I find intriguing, check out her blog here.
She combines wool and velvet, huge color and embroidery in delightful and fabulous ways. So I found my muse.
Here is a tray of the velvet and wool felt scraps I dyed this weekend, sort of pretty don't you think?
It is really to bad I do not have 100% silk velvet to dye I think it would be much brighter, but since I don't, I'll make do.
The wool really took the cake dyes well, the colors are rich and deep, yeah! Possibilities seem endless right now.
Anyhow, now I am playing with ideas and testing out my applique skills. I am not certain what I am creating.
You can see in the first photo where my musing has taken me. I am thinking of cutting the design out and sewing it to another piece.. maybe a tote bag or a journal cover. my mind is still wandering and I don't know where it will end up. Yet just having the possibility of creating something new and fresh gets me out of bed each morning. I just wish I had a studio so I could spread out all my projects.... basically I want to make a big mess and revel in it.
On another note, my angels are selling quickly, got an order for 12 of them yesterday! yeah *clap, clap, clap*

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  1. I was just browsing flickr and found you have a blog. This is so lovely of you and I don't feel I
    am as good as a muse!