Friday, November 20, 2009

Shoe Makin Time.

I have always secretly habored the notion of being a cobbler... I want to make shoes.

So yesterday I woke up and I was shot through with inspiration. I would use my nice brown sweater that tragically was washed in hot water and make a pair of moccasins to use as slippers.

So I gathered my moccasins to examine, scoured the net for ideas or patterns. I still had not found a shoe that was what I wanted to make. So I gathered my slippers, my uggs and any other shoe around the house that I thought I could make. I set about to make a shoe. I drafted a pattern, it looked like it was going to work, and I sewed one up. I made slip on boots.

Yikes! I should have taken a photo... in my husbands words "thats hidious"

The boot I created was somehow twisted, so when it was on there was a large ill fitting area and the fabric twisted over the foot.It was also HUGE! I guess I added plenty of seam allowance. Definatly not what I wanted. But I could see the potential and I could see the mistakes. So I used a razorblade to dissassemble my creation, made some changes. Added a front zipper, took in the back...

And here are my new boot/ slippers
They are washed wool outer, the lining is Faux fur the sloes are three layers, leather, jute and velveteen.
They fit better than I dreamed they would, they are very very warm.
I am thrilled.
While there are still a few tweakes and I would like a more finished bottom edge I have decided
I will definiatly be making more. I have some fur pelts that were given left to me from my grandparents. My grandfather was a trapper in the 1920's and somehow there are still a few pelts of the little critters left. one pelt is a little dry on the leather but I think it will work. I also have a ton of leather to work with, but I'm leaning tword a brown or a black.


  1. Hi
    These are just so fabulous and I am impressed with the idea of creating your own pattern for shoes. And they look wonderfully cosy. hope you enjoy a cosy warm-footed winter.
    thanks for sharing
    much love Martine

  2. Thank you Martine, I am wearing then right now. They are very cosy, thanks for the warm wishes.